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I have now retired and moved to Cumbria.

It is some time since I completed the Welsh list including the recent new Nuttalls: Cnicht N Top in the Festiniog group and Foel Meirch in the Carneddau, both of which were concealed under crag symbols on old maps, and Moelwyn Mawr North Ridge Top in the Festiniog group which had no contour rings on old maps. They have also promoted Craiglwyn in the Carneddau, Waun Carnedd y Filiast in the Arenigs, Waun Camddwr in the Arans, Waun Lefrith in Fforest Fawr and a new summit for Maesglase in the Corris group, all of which were on the original list.

I finshed the then Lake District list while still a student. I note that the Nuttalls have now recognised Black Star above Honister pass, which was also on the original list, though they call it North Star.

And since I arrived in Cumbria I have visited all on the Pennine list. It has taken more than 55 years to complet the 2000's of England and Wales.

This page only concerns the 2000's of England and Wales.

In 1911 (the) J. Rooke Corbett published a list of the twenty-fives of England and Wales ( 1911, Rucksack Club Journal (RCJ) II, 61-65 ). The following year he published a few additions ( 1912, RCJ, II, 166 ). Later he published a revised list ( 1929, RCJ, VI, 337-344 ) and a few more were added by Edward Moss ( 1933, RCJ, VII, 273-274 ).

W.T. Elmslie published a list of the two-thousands of England and Wales (1933, Fell and Rock Club Journal, 9, 344 ) using the half-inch Bartholomew map, which has 250 foot contours. Then in 1937 F.H.F. Simpson published a list of the 2000's of the Lake District using the one-inch map and a 50 foot contour ring definition ( 1937, Wayfarers' Journal, 5,18-24 ); this list included Honister Crag (North Star). This was soon followed by Edward Moss's list (using the same definition) for the rest of England ( 1939, RCJ, IX, 184-189 ) and for Wales ( 1940, RCJ, IX, 239-243); the Welsh list included some of the recently rediscovered tops. When Edward Moss had visited every summit he published an article, All those two-thousands (1952, RCJ, XII, 67-70) , which included some additions to the lists; further additions were noted in 1954, RCJ, XII, 276 . Subsequently he completed his visits to all the county tops of England and Wales. Here is a photo of Ted Moss on Kinder Scout November 1960 taken by Frank Solari and in the Rucksack Club Archives.

Recently a number of books have appeared on the 2000's of England and Wales. Apart from the first of these, by Bridge, little reference is given to the earlier lists, although they are all still available, if not actually in print.

Here I am republishing the lists of Simpson and of my father (Edward Moss). I have added grid references, which did not exist when the original compilations were made. I have indicated which summits are included in subsequent lists (e.g. Bridge, Nuttall's etc) and have updated the names and heights. In addition, I have marked those tops that have been added in the light of later lists and have even included some of my own. No two-thousands on the original lists have been removed.

The 2000's of Wales.

The 2000's of England - Lake Distirict

The 2000's of England Excluding the Lake District

A separate file has Notes for Users.

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