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The terrain of citizenship is changing in response to global forces and bringing in its wake new governance demands. Migration, human rights, issues of global warming, pandemics of ill-health and a looming crisis in energy provision are challenges that cannot be contained or addressed within national boundaries alone.

Merging insights from political science and international relations and drawing on participants throughout the School of Social Sciences and the wider University C2G2 focuses on the central political questions of today’s world about power, cooperation, security, inequality and democracy.


Judge the impact of our research

Read an independent report written and researched by Judith Smyth, an independent management consultant who was until March 2012, a director of OPM (The Office of Public Management). Much of OPM’s work relies on robust evidence of what works best to improve public services and outcomes for citizens and service users. C2G2 felt that Judith Smyth was therefore in a good position to judge the impact of our research. She finds much to praise but argues for some improvements as well.

Download and read the report 'Achieving and demonstrating impact: a case study of Southampton University’s C2G2' here.

politics|upside|down blog

politics|upside|down blog

A collaborative venture between staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students.


Recent News

  • October 2013
    Dr Pia Riggirozzi is to start a new ESRC-DFID funded research project.

    More here.

  • July 2013
    In a new blog post Professor Gerry Stoker offers 12 explanations on ‘Why policymakers ignore evidence’.

    More here.

  • The 2013/14 seminar series is shaping up for the autumn.

    See the upcoming events page for details.

  • June 2013
    Gerry Stoker presented a paper to the Australian parliament on how Australians view their democracy.

    More here.

  • May 2013
    Iraq Speaking Event: Ian Sinclair (Author 'The march that shook Blair') and Matt Barr (PhD student) will be talking about the 10 year anniversary of the invasion.

    More here.


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