University of Southampton

Professional services

The 2,000 members of our Professional Services team work with our academic units. They drive projects and design processes to keep us dynamic and efficient.

Operational excellence

Mapping processes

We are improving processes across the University

Mapping processes

Our Operational Excellence team are helping us to make our processes more efficient. Our aim is to reduce bureaucracy, free up time and make it easier for students, staff and visitors to access our services. The programme is giving our teams the space to review and improve their work and adapt as the University changes.

Making progress

Central to the programme’s work are the process improvement workshops that are taking place across the University. These are led by trained facilitators. They have already improved areas as diverse as website maintenance, the payment of casual staff, and new programme validation.

Our teams

Student Services Centre

The energy-efficient George Thomas building is home to our Student Services team

Student Services Centre


Our Estates team is helping us transform our campuses with innovative building programmes. We are reducing our carbon footprint and our energy costs while ensuring that we operate effectively and efficiently. We provide staff and students with a safe and stimulating environment in which to go about their work and studies.

Strategy and Planning

The Strategy and Planning team helps to shape our future by developing and maintaining our strategy. This aims to unlock creative potential and provide opportunities that transform the lives of our students, our community, society, and the economy.

Student and Academic Administration (SAA)

Our Student and Academic Administration team manages services for both students and staff at the University, supporting the student lifecycle and working in collaboration with a range of partners. Areas covered by the team include admissions, curriculum, assessment and timetabling.

Communications and Marketing

Communications and Marketing manages our reputation and brand. The team communicates our aims and achievements to global, national, regional, local, and internal audiences. This team also manages the stock and sale of University-branded merchandise from our online store. This includes mugs, hoodies, ties, and scarves.

Human Resources

Human Resources enables excellence in our people by providing the best environment, tools, and training. These ensure that our people are able to work safely and effectively to achieve our strategic ambitions.


Our dedicated Finance team provides financial analysis and commercial expertise to help us expand our possibilities.