The Senate

The Senate is the University's primary academic authority. As set out in the University's Charter it is the role of the Senate (subject to the Statutes of the University and the control and approval of the Council) to ‘regulate and superintend the education and discipline of students and of undergraduates of the University' (The Charter, Article 12).

The powers vested in the Senate are set out in the Ordinances Part 2, paragraph 2.12.5 and include (subject to Council approval where necessary) the direction and regulation of education and examinations, the award of degrees, and the promotion of research. Senate has delegated its authority for a number of activities which fall within its remit in respect of educational provision, as set out in the Statement of the Senate’s Primary Responsibilities in order to improve the effectiveness of the conduct of University business, and enable as many decisions as possible to be taken by those with direct responsibility for the conduct of this business. The Standing Orders of the Senate set out such matters as the conduct of meetings, quorum and voting, and arrangements for Senate committees.

The composition of the Senate is set out in the Ordinances Part 2, paragraph 2.12.4. The Senate has approximately 150 members, including the Pro Vice-Chancellors, the Deans and Associate Deans of the Faculties, representatives of the academic staff, representatives of the research staff and those administrative groups most closely associated with educational activities, and representatives of the Students' Union.

The Senate is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor. The Academic Registrar, Anne-Marie Drummond, is Secretary to the Senate. Day-to-day enquiries should be addressed to The confirmed, unrestricted/non-confidential minutes of Senate meetings are publicly available and copies can be obtained by e-mailing