Equality and Diversity

At the University of Southampton, we are committed to fairness, inclusion and wellbeing in both employment and study.

These principles are already incorporated in University policies, but we understand that policies are only a beginning. To make our University a truly inclusive environment, we need to embed this commitment in our leadership, management and culture.

We are undertaking a wide range of initiatives to improve the experiences of our staff and students. Examples are the Athena SWAN programme addressing gender equality, and a rolling programme of activities to improve the wellbeing of everyone on campus.

You will find full details on our Diversity website: www.southampton.ac.uk/diversity.

Signed pledges

During 2014, the University and SUSU have each signed two important pledges. Time to Change and Mindful Employer are both part of a University-wide initiative to end mental health discrimination in recruitment and employment.

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Time to change

Time to change

Provost Adam Wheeler, Angela Etherington (Time to change) and Beckie Thomas (SUSU)