The University of Southampton as an exempt charity

The following information is provided to meet the requirements under the HEFCE Financial Memorandum 2010 in respect of Higher Education Institutions as exempt charities, arising from HEFCE’s role as the principal regulator of HEIs as charities from 1 June 2010.

The University of Southampton is a Chartered Corporation, established by Royal Charter in 1952. The correspondence address is: University of Southampton, University Road, Southampton, SO17 1BJ.

Exempt charity reference X 19140.

The Charter and Statutes of the University which were in force in 2010-11 are available from the University Calendar 2010-11.

The current version of the University’s constitution in force in 2013-14, which incorporates changes made in the past year, may be found from the University Calendar 2013-14.

The members of the Council of the University are also the charitable trustees of the University. A list of the trustees as at 31 January 2014 is available, together with information about other charities (if any) of which the trustees are also trustees. Download the list of trustees.

Further information about the Council, including biographical details of members, may be found from the Council web page.

The University’s financial statements for the year ending 31st July 2013 (and previous years) are available here.

The financial statements contain further details of our governance arrangements, a listing of members of Council who served during the period covered by the financial statements, and a summary of the activities for public benefit of the University.