Communications and Marketing

Communications and Marketing helps the University to manage its reputation and brand, and communicate its aims and achievements globally, nationally, regionally, locally and internally.

The department has a number of roles:

Our work in detail

Strategic Marketing

The Strategic Marketing team's work includes developing a University wide marketing strategy, and supporting Faculties and relevant professional services in developing and implementing their interrelated marketing plans. The team is also responsible for ensuring that the University’s brand is correctly and consistently applied across all media.

Media Relations

Media Relations helps the University manage its reputation through relationships with local, national, international and specialist print and broadcast media. Visit

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs team advises and supports the University’s senior management in a range of activities designed to build and maintain a strong reputation, influence public policy, and find a common ground with stakeholders. The team also provides the link between the University and the community, maintaining close links with local residents' associations, community groups, the police and other agencies. Visit

Digital Media

The Digital Media team is responsible for the University's corporate website and Facebook page, and manages its output across all digital and social media. Working closely with the Strategic Marketing and Media Relations teams, the team ensures that the brand is consistent across all digital media. The Digital Media team also builds and maintains a variety of other University websites, and provides expertise - technical and editorial - across the University.


The Publications team is responsible for many of the University's flagship publications, including the Undergraduate and Postgraduate prospectuses, New Boundaries, the Southampton Annual Review, Neighbourhood News, The Voice and Hartley News.

Internal Communications

The Internal Communications team manages University-wide communication between the Executive Group and staff. Working closely with the Digital Media team, Internal Communications also encourages dialogue between staff across the University and supports communication between staff and management.

Corporate Events

The Corporate Events team manages a range of events at Southampton designed to inspire, educate and engage. Collaborating with departments across the University, the team serves as a University-wide resource which provides expertise and guidance in the planning and implementation of events. In addition, the team is responsible for producing and maintaining the University's master Events Calendar.

CRM student enquiries

The CRM team deals with all the enquiries for prospectuses that originate from the corporate website, email, letter or telephone.


The Merchandise team manages the stock and sale of University branded merchandise. Visit


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