Vice-Chancellor's Communications archive

This archive contains a variety of podcasts, press releases and news articles chronicling Professor Nutbeam's tenure as Vice-Chancellor.

ITV Meridian, 25 February 2014
In a feature about the 50th anniversary of Southampton being granted city status, the Vice-Chancellor talks to reporter Andrew Pate about the contribution that the University of Southampton has made in that time.

National Council for Universities and Business, December 2013
Professor Nutbeam writes for the NCUB about the importance of collaboration between business and universities in stimulating economic growth.

The Guardian, 15 August 2013
The Vice-Chancellor tells the Guardian that he believes more students will use clearing this year, following changes to government policy on recruitment. He adds that these changes are opening up a "brand new and somewhat artificially constructed" higher education marketplace and that universities are "still learning" quite how this will operate.

Times Higher Education, 15 August 2013
On the day that A-level results are published, Professor Nutbeam speaks to the THE about the impact of government changes to student number controls and the new emphasis on clearing and adjustment.

Guardian HE Network, 12 August 2013
The Vice-Chancellor discusses interdisciplinarity in the curriculum in an article published on the Guardian's online HE Network

The Sunday Times, 11 August 2013
An article by Education Editor, Sian Griffiths, quotes Professor Nutbeam on the government changes this year that will allow universities to recruit unlimited numbers of applicants achieving grades of ABB or above. The Vice-Chancellor says he believes it will create a "genuine market place" with students using clearing to try to get a better offer.

The Times, 17 May 2013
The future of lectures and the potential offered by "flip" lectures were among the issues raised by the Vice-Chancellor in a wide-ranging address to the Universities UK Open and Online Learning conference in London, featured in The Times. In an extensive article, the paper quotes Professor Nutbeam's comments that the arrival of MOOCs would force campus universities to rethink what they offer and accelerate advances in interactive ways of teaching.

Times Higher Education, 17 May 2013
A feature on MOOCs quotes from Professor Nutbeam's address to the Universities UK Open and Online Learning conference, highlighting his point that smart universities would embrace the MOOC movement and use it to develop innovations in teaching and learning.

Times of India (Education Times online), 23 April 2013
In an interview with Times of India journalist Aaditi Isaac, Professor Nutbeam speaks about the University's collaboration with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in Mumbai. TISS is hosting the first International Social Enterprise Camp for students with experience of working on social enterprise business plans, in which 30 Southampton students are taking part. He discusses how the camp complements the University's curriculum innovation module in social entrepreneurship which starts this year.

Times of India, 22 April 2013
An article by the Vice-Chancellor in the Education Times supplement looks at the diverse public health issues facing India today. Part of the challenge in India, he explains, is – on the one hand tackling some of the basic public health problems, and on the other hand recognising that as the economy develops, people become exposed to different lifestyles which present a whole set of new and different health-related challenges.

BBC South Today, 16 April 2013

Professor Nutbeam was interviewed by BBC South's business correspondent Alastair Fee for a feature about UK universities opening overseas campuses. He spoke of the UK as a market leader in provision of education internationally. The news item also included extensive film footage of the launch event in March for the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus, featuring guest of honour, F1 designer and Southampton alumnus, Adrian Newey.

The Australian, 10 April 2013
The newspaper's higher education supplement features two interviews with the Vice-Chancellor.
In the first, Professor Nutbeam talks from a UK perspective about MOOCS (massive open online courses); explaining the University of Southampton's role as a founder member of the British Futurelearn project, with its first MOOCS due to start this autumn.
In the second he explores the issues facing universities in maintaining the quality of their research and that of their teaching and learning, under the new funding arrangements in England.

BBC News Channel, 18 February 2013
The Vice-Chancellor was interviewed live in Mumbai on the BBC News Channel.
Presenter Jon Sopel questioned him about his role as part of the Prime Minister's trade delegation to India. Professor Nutbeam explained that he and the other Vice-Chancellors travelling with him wanted to give a clear message that Indian students are very welcome in the UK and that this country offers a world-class university education to talented students.

Times Higher Education
, 15 November 2012
A letter from the Vice-Chancellor and Sam Ling, the President of the Students' Union highlights the challenges facing the postgraduate sector in the UK.

The Independent, 22 October 2012
Times Higher Education, 23 October 2012
BBC Radio Solent, Drivetime, 23 October 2012
The Vice-Chancellor's views on postgraduate funding are quoted in national features about postgraduate education. The articles both focus on the findings of the Higher Education Commission's recent inquiry into the issue, chaired by IBM vice-president Graham Spittle.
In an interview on BBC Radio Solent the Vice-Chancellor spoke about the need for a solution to be found for the funding issues faced by postgraduates, and emphasised the importance of postgraduate training for the continuing development of the economy.

BBC Breakfast, BBC News Channel, 4 October 2012
The University’s position on student recruitment and admissions in 2012 received widespread media interest culminating with Vice-Chancellor Professor Don Nutbeam’s appearances on the BBC’s Sunday Politics Show, BBC Breakfast and the BBC News Channel.

ITV Meridian, 28 February 2012
The Vice-Chancellor receives the Queen's Anniversary Prize from HM The Queen at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace. The award recognises four decades of innovation and world-leading expertise in performance sports engineering by the University of Southampton.

The Guardian, 28 February 2012
Professor Nutbeam discusses the need to address the issue of funding for postgraduate students. He suggests that the UK might do well to look at the Australian system of integrated 'Help' loans

The Guardian Higher Education Network, 15 June 2011
Live chat: VCs in conversation. Professor Nutbeam joins an online panel of Vice-Chancellors to field questions about higher education in 2011 and beyond.

Times Higher Education, 19 May 2011
Professor Nutbeam calls for more debate, not less, on the controversial issue of "off-quota" students.

The Guardian, 1 February 2011
The Vice-Chancellor calls for better financial support for UK postgraduate students

Times Higher Education, 27 January 2011
The Vice-Chancellor is quoted in an article about the University's plans for curriculum innovation.
For more details about curriculum innovation at Southampton visit our Curriculum Innovation website

ITV national News at Ten, December 2010
Vice-Chancellor, Professor Don Nutbeam, was interviewed by ITV's senior political reporter, Chris Ship, about the planned tuition fee rise. The interview was part of a wider feature on the subject filmed at the University's Highfield Campus.

The Independent, 2 September 2010
Professor Nutbeam asks whether A-levels continue to serve students, universities and prospective employers as well as they did in the past

Times Higher Education, 15 July 2010
The Vice-Chancellor reflects on postgraduate education in the light of the Smith review of postgraduate education

The Independent, 14 January 2010
Lucy Hodges interviews the Vice-Chancellor after his first three months in office.

Universities UK and Policy Review TV, 11 December 2009
The Vice-Chancellor presents an international perspective in a debate about options for the future funding of higher education

The Guardian, 17 November 2009

Professor Nutbeam examines the case for reform of A-levels

Podcast, October 2009
Leading the way: A message from the new Vice-Chancellor

Press release, 1 October 2009
University welcomes new Vice-Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor being interviewed for BBC South Today

The Vice-Chancellor being interviewed for BBC South Today

about the launch of the University's Malaysia Campus

Professor Nutbeam speaking in Mumbai

Professor Nutbeam speaking in Mumbai

to the BBC's Jon Sopel

Professor Don Nutbeam

Professor Don Nutbeam

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Southampton

"There is much that the University has to be proud of by way of its achievements over the past decade, but we have a very challenging period ahead of us."

Professor Don Nutbeam, Vice-Chancellor