University of Southampton

Alumni email services

Stay in touch with the University and your friends with our free alumni email or email for life forwarding services.

Alumni email service

Alumni who graduated in summer 2013 or later can access a free alumni email account. You can use it as a professional email for business correspondence as well as for staying in touch with University academics and friends. 

The alumni email address is easy to remember because it is based on your student email but with the word 'alumni' added. For example, becomes

When will I be able to use my alumni email address?

Your alumni email account is created when your student account expires – usually three months after you graduate.

How do I access my alumni email account?

Alumni email accounts are accessed via Your username will be the one you had as a student. Your password will be the most recent one you used for your student email account.

More information and technical support

For more information and frequently asked questions visit the iSolutions website. If you have any problems accessing your account, contact the iSolutions Service Line on +44 (0)23 8059 5656 or email

Email for life forwarding service

All our alumni who graduated before 2013 can use our free email for life forwarding service. This service provides you with a forwarding address, rather than an email account, which will redirect all of your emails to the email account you nominate.

This means that if you change jobs or internet service providers, you don't have to let everyone in your address book know about your change of email address – instead you only have to let us know.  

Apply for the email for life forwarding service.