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Telephone appeal

A telephone call from a student is a great way to stay connected and to become more involved with the University in ways that most interest you.

Talk to a student caller

Stay connected and get more involved with the University through our telephone appeal

Talk to a student caller

To help extend the connection we have with our alumni community we hire enthusiastic and bright student callers to take part in the University's fundraising telephone appeals.

Each appeal provides you with the opportunity to speak with a current student about becoming more involved with the University, in whatever way might suit you. Our student callers will talk to you about opportunities such as volunteering, providing careers support, becoming a student mentor or making a philanthropic gift to support our students and your University.

It also offers our students opportunity to speak to you about your time at the University as a student and what you have gone on to achieve since graduation.

Feedback about our telephone appeal

What our alumni say about receiving a call from a student caller:

"I enjoyed a conversation with a student caller who was was genuinely interested in hearing about the good old Southampton uni days!"

"The calls from the students are always very interesting and polite!"

"It's nice that the University provides current students with the opportunity to speak with past students."

"My call from a student was very friendly. They chatted about their experiences and how things have changed, which was very interesting!"

What our student callers say about speaking to alumni:

"My favourite thing about being a part of the calling team is the 'feel good' factor you get after an enjoyable chat with an alumnus!"

"I like having a good chat with the alumni who have so many different stories to share!"

"It's really inspiring to see so many of the alumni give back to the University because they had such a great time here themselves."

"I like hearing from alumni about how much the University has changed and expanded since they studied here."

"Learning about alumni past experiences and listening to their success stories after university. Their experiences help us as students to prepare for what's next after graduation."

If you would like to receive a phone call from a student, and learn how you can get more involved with the University as an alumnus, please contact

We conduct our telephone appeals with the highest level of integrity regarding your personal choice to receive a fundraising call from our team. We adhere to the ethical and professional guidelines set out for us by our governing body, CASE Europe, which can be found here on their website. If you have concerns regarding our fundraising best practices at any time, please contact our Annual Giving Manager, Katherine Carter, via email at or telephone on 023 8059 9077.

To make a gift to support the University of Southampton click on the link below or download and return a gift form in the post.

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