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As a former Southampton student you'll know first-hand how great experiences linked to your education play a pivotal role in shaping what you will go on to achieve after graduation. The Student Experience Fund supports student-led projects that aim to give students opportunities that enhance their time at University.

The Student Experience Fund's impact

Gifts from alumni and friends to the Student Experience Fund are used to enable our students to not only receive the best education possible, but help improve student satisfaction and employability now and in the future. 

The Student Experience Fund has contributed to a range of student-led projects to improve facilities and equipment, including our many libraries, and support for student clubs and societies. Here are some examples:

Library Access and Discovery System

The Student Experience Fund has contributed to improved access to library resources
Enhancing library resources

The library is a key resource for everyone at the University of Southampton. Ensuring that it is easy to use and widely accessible, both on and off campus, is central to our aim of enhancing the student experience. With the resources available in the library continually expanding, particularly with the rise of electronic resources, the need for a single search portal across all collections, archives and formats is paramount to ensure that the library can be used to its maximum benefit.

With the help of our donors, we were delighted to support the implementation of the Library Access and Discovery System. This allows library users to easily navigate all of library’s resources through one single search facility. The system, which is also accessible from mobile devices, will allow students and staff from our campuses across the world to find resources quickly and ‘click through’ to these immediately and seamlessly, greatly improving their experience of using the library. It also features an innovative ‘Ask a Librarian’ service so that users can get help with using the resources in real time through instant messaging and texts, ensuring that the library remains a cutting-edge resource for a world-class university.

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SUSUtv is an award-winning television station run for the University exclusively by students. The station produces a variety of live and recorded television programmes, ranging from comedy to news, sports to documentaries. With the support of our donors, we were able to help the committee of SUSUtv to purchase new industry-standard studio equipment for the station.

As well as enhancing the quality of the programmes made by SUSUtv, the new equipment is enabling our students to gain invaluable experience of using equipment that is used in the television production around the world. The project is therefore helping our students to develop skills which will greatly improve their employability should they choose to pursue a career in broadcasting after graduation.

Visit the SUSUtv website to see some of the team's latest videos.

Business Acceleration Project

Preparing students to become successful entrepreneurs
Business enterprise workshop

The Business Acceleration Project is a series of activities led by our Careers and Employability Service. It aims to develop the entrepreneurial talent of our students and increase their employability after they graduate. 

With the support of donations to the Student Experience Fund, the project has been developed to encapsulate a range of enterprise workshops and competitions to provide a structured programme of opportunities for students who want to develop their business ideas. Working with business mentors and specialist workshop facilitators, the Business Acceleration Project equips students with the skills and confidence to turn their ideas into viable business projects and prepares them to become successful entrepreneurs after graduation. 

Team Southampton

Sport is a central part of life at the Southampton, with over 2,000 of our students competing in a vast range of sports on the behalf of the University. In 2014, generous donations helped to establish ‘Team Southampton’ by enabling the Students' Union to purchase new sports kit for all of the University sports teams.

Before receiving this support, teams competed in kits of different design and colour, meaning that sporting identity at Southampton was not universally recognised. Thanks to our supporters, the ‘Team Southampton’ brand is advancing the strong sporting community at the University, encouraging more students to participate in sport and ensuring all our students have a superb sporting experience.

Mental health awareness video suite

It is estimated that approximately 15 per cent of the student population will experience some form of mental health problem while at University, including common issues such as stress, anxiety, panic and depression. We are committed to ensuring that these individuals receive suitable support and to raising awareness of these issues among students and staff so that they are able to support friends and colleagues.

With support from donors, we have developed a suite of short videos to raise awareness of mental issues and provide useful and accessible information about what these problems are, how to recognise them and where resources exist to provide appropriate support and advice. The aim of these videos is to limit the disruption that a mental health problem can cause and to ensure students are able to fulfil their potential while at Southampton.

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