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Career Profile for Dr Ruth Padday

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Institution: University of Southampton
Grad Level: UG
Degree: BM
Year of Graduation 1979
Profession: Medicine
Position: General Practictioner
Organisation: NHS
Current Role: I am a partner in a general practice in a urban/semi-rural area on the outskirts of Southampton. We are very computer literate and have been paper light since Oct 2000. We are a PMS practice and have various ancilliary services and always looking for new challenges at the same time as incorporating the government initiaves (QOF) into our every day practice. I also have set up and run a 'Teenage Drop-in Centre' to support young people what ever their problem as they transit into adulthood.
Likes and Dislikes: Dynamic practice which is happy to look at new ways of doing things Other pressures that compromise your patient care (political and personal )
How Did You Get This Job? Several Interviews and working as a locum in the practice
Career History: BM Southampton Uni 1979 Housejobs on the south coast RMO in a TB hospital in Hong Kong RMO in Sydney (2nd year mainly Paeds) RMO/GP in Perth W Australia (1980's) 1990 Locum GP back in UK 1992 current partnership 1995 set up Teenage Drop-in Centre
Typical Starting Salary: £15,000-£29,999

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