Southampton Careers Network FAQ

Who can access the scheme?

Southampton Careers Network

Southampton Careers Network

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Current University of Southampton students only, via a secure portal. In the future we hope to be able to give alumni access to contact other alumni for careers advice.

What will be required of me?

As an Alumnus member of the scheme, you can have as much or as little involvement as you like. You can either:

a) just supply a Career Profile, providing information about your career history that can be viewed on the Career Destinations website by students interested in pursuing the same career, or

b) volunteer to act as a Careers Contact, providing the careers profile as well as taking careers queries direct from students via email. All students will be encouraged to ask alumni specific career related questions, which should be straightforward to answer. They may ask you for guidance on the application process for your company, but they should not ask you for a job. Contacts who receive such requests are encouraged to refer them back to Career Destinations.

Both Contacts and students are reminded that any advice given is from personal experience and may not necessarily be the only approach, and we encourage Contacts to refer questions back to Career Destinations if they feel they do not have the experience to answer them. We suggest that interactions with students are on a short term basis, involving no more than two or three interchanges. We do not encourage you to engage in lengthy, indefinite or personal relationships with students, such as mentoring or coaching, without speaking to staff at Career Destinations first.

Should you require guidance at any stage, or feel that you would like to speak to someone about the scheme, please contact Katie Williams at Career Destinations via email at or telephone 023 8059 5746.

Why Become a Careers Contact?

Volunteering as a Southampton Careers Contact could provide you with opportunities to:

How do students contact the members?

When you register your career profile, you will be asked whether you are happy to become a Careers Contact and provide advice to individual students. Your profile will only be visible to students who have logged into a secure university portal and your career profile will clearly indicate whether you are happy to be contacted. If you have agreed, your profile will include an Email Now button which allows students contact you directly, without your personal email address being visible. Note that if you choose to reply to Careers Contacts enquiries from students by email, you will then be revealing your email address to the student enquirer.

All initial enquiry emails sent to Contacts via their profiles will also be copied to Career Destinations for monitoring purposes, although individual emails will not be approved before being sent. Career Destinations and the Development and Alumni Relations Office will not release your contact details to students.

How can I become a Careers Contact and share my experience?

We always welcome new contacts. If you are an alumnus of the University of Southampton and would be willing to share your career and work experiences, we’d welcome your involvement. Get started.

DISCLAIMER: for quality purposes we reserve the right to screen all submitted profiles and make any necessary reasonable adjustments. We also reserve the right to withold submitted records if deemed unsuitable. We also reserve the right to withdraw any alumnus from the scheme if they are not using it for its given purpose.