Alumni Worldwide

University of Southampton graduates can now be found in 178 countries around the world and the Alumni Community has a number of branches and groups in the UK and overseas.

Alumni branches organise a variety of social and networking events for their members, find out if there's one local to you. Our International Office frequently attends international exhibitions. To find out if a visit is planned to your country, refer to the International Office website.

The table below shows the top 20 destinations where our overseas alumni are located. If there are a few alumni in the country where you live, why not start up a branch? For more information, contact us at

Alumni top 20 International locations (as at March 2014)

Country Alumni
People's Republic of China 5,926
Greece 2,207
USA 1,733
France 1,707
Germany 1,514
Malaysia 1,296
Taiwan 1,095
Spain 976
Australia 842
Cyprus 764
Italy 752
India 744
Canada 640
Thailand 616
Ireland 499
Singapore 448
Norway 366
Belgium 357
Netherlands 345
Turkey 314
Why not start up a branch in your area?

Why not start up a branch in your area?

Alumni in Colombia

New York alumni branch

New York alumni branch

Champagne tasting in March 2014