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We often get requests from alumni to contact their friends from University that we’ve lost touch with, or who we can't identify because a name can’t quite be recalled or has changed. With our new "Remember them?" service we’re hoping you out there in the alumni community can help us find those people that are being searched for.

Susan Wolk (BA Philosophy and Politics, 1969)

Would love to get in touch with some of her friends from University - is this you or someone you're still in touch with?

Colin: Are you the Colin I knew from all those years ago at Southampton University, 1966-69? You were tall, with sandy hair and ran the Humanist Society, which you failed to get me to join, despite, I recall, the many splendid discussions we had on Humanism. Anyhow, if you are, I hope you might come to the University's reunion which is being held on 12 September? It would be great to catch up on your news and life.

David Sugar (BA History, 1968)

Helen Salway nee Gaffney (BA English and Philosophy, 1969)

Anita Clokie - Undergraduate 1966-1969

Maria Teloni (MSc Applied Statistics, 1979)

Wants to contact some of her old friends that are currently on our lost alumni lists. Do you know what became of them or are you even still in touch?

Samira Hemaidan - Studied MA Education in the late 70's, early 80's.
Sevinc Ulucanlar (Diploma in Social Admin, 1980)
Azar Kaveh Pour (Phd Chemistry, 1981)
Mohamed Mokhtari (MSc Oceanography, 1981)
Abha Thapalyal (LLM 1979)

Alan Blandamer (BSc Chemistry 1959, PhD 1963)

Alan has sent these photographs and we'd love to identify the missing people from these great sporting photographs.

Many thanks to Peter Eastwood (BSc Mathematics 1959) and John Morgan (Mathematics, 1958) who have helped identify a number of these alumni.

Men's and Women's Tennis Team, 1957. Reading from the left, Front Row: Unknown, Gareth Perry, Maria Kilgour, Jeff Barsom. The Middle Row: David Hughes (Physics), Unknown, John Fielding, Unknown. Back Row: Unknown, Henry De Souza, Peter Beale.

Connaught Hall Seven-Aside rugby team from 1957 or 1958. The first row from the left is Alan Oliver (Engineering?), Unknown, Trevor Bedford (Law). The back row is Ron Prime, Jeffrey Realff, Ray Cook (Physics), Unknown, Bob Mathias (Maths).

University Second XV, 1957 or 1958. Fifty years later, the only player I can identify is me, back row, third from the right.

Now identified:

Back row, fourth from right: Don Wright (BSc Zoology 1958); third from left: John Morgan (Maths, 1958); fifth from left: Jeffrey Realff (BSC Maths, 1960)

Second row, end left: Peter Eastwood (BSc Maths 1959); second from left, Guy Bradbury (or possibly Bradburn)

Second row, centre: Chris Burgess (BSc General Science 1958)

Many thanks to John Morgan for helping to identify some of the people in these pictures. John has also kindly sent in the above 1958 photograph of Graham Pike, "Paddy" Fitzgerald, Derek Abell (with Charley), Brian Sheehan and Brian Gould.

Ralph Harrison (BSc Aeronautics, 1959)

We were kindly given this photograph by Ralph and we'd love to know if you or someone you know is in this picture for our exhibition at the Anniversary Class Reunion 2009.

Update: a number of these people have now been identified and many thanks to John Morgan for getting in touch. Pictured are: Dave Kilby (BSc General Science, 1962), Les Hamilton (BSc General Science, 1962), Harry Butcher (BSc Mathematics, 1962), Graham Pike (BSc Aero Engineering, 1959), Derek Abell (Bsc Aero Engineering, 1959), John Morgan (Maths, 1958), Brian Sheehan (BSc Economics, 1961), Dave Coulter and "Taffy" Jenkins.

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Is this you?

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