David Underhill

David Underhill

University of Southampton
Avenue Campus
SO17 1BF

Position: Ph.D. Researcher

Location: 65A/2241
Extension: 29171
Telephone: (023) 8059 9171

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Research interests

As of Feburary 2007 i became based at CAHO to continue my research into the nature of identity and the first intermediate industries (ESA / MSA(1)) in South Africa; namely the Fauresmith.

My research concerns the so-called 'transitional industries' of South Africa; Namely the Fauresmith. With reference to the preceeding Earlier Stone Age and the Middle Stone Age (i) (or pietersburgian), i hope to establish if there is any reality to the industry, or whether we are dealing with mixed assemblages. With the high probability that the worlds attention will soon be focused on South Africa as the birth place of Homo sapiens I feel it is essential that a better understanding is achieved of the very period which saw their initial emergance. It is intended that my research shall be built around two aspects: direct data acquasition from sites which have been claimed as Fauresmith, secure ESA sites and secure MSA(i) sites. This should allow the reality of the industry to be tested. The second aspect of my work shall deal with theoretical consideratons on the nature of identity and its construction, as reflected in the asemblages of this 'transitional' phase, and what this can tell us about the nature of 'modernity'.

Biographical notes

Turning to archaeology as a mature student in 2002 I gained a distinction in a certificate course via distance learning from the University of Leicester which enabled me to go full time on their BA degree course. My undergraduate dissertation was an anthropological study of symbolism, focusing on the electric guitar as material culture. This sowed the seed for the theoretical aspect of my present research, and helped me achieve first class honours. In 2005/6 I did the MA in human origins at Southampton with a dissertation somewhat expanding my theoretical perspectives and focusing on the Cave of Hearths in South Africa, for which i also gained a distinction.

Publications from e–Prints Soton

McNabb, John and Sinclair, Anthony (eds.) (2009) The Cave of Hearths: Makapan Middle Pleistocene Research Project: field research by Anthony Sinclair and Patrick Quinney, 1996-2001, Oxford, GB, Archaeopress, 193pp. (University of Southampton Series in Archaeology, 1)
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[file icon]Underhill, David (2007) Subjectivity inherent in by-eye symmetry judgements and the large cutting tools at the Cave of Hearths, Limpopo Province, South Africa. Papers from the Institute of Archaeology, 18, 101-113.
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