James Cole

James Cole

University of Southampton
Avenue Campus
SO17 1BF

Position: Ph.D. Researcher

Research interests

I completed my Ph.D. under a grant allocated by the British Academy funded 'Lucy to Language' project and my research is focusing on the examination of the body as material culture in relation to the social brain. Through this research it is hoped to gain an understanding of hominin skeletal manipulations and material culture manufacture in relation to the levels of intentionality and the ability for abstract thought amongst our evolutionary ancestors.

Biographical notes

I studied for my undergraduate degree in Archaeology at Southampton University between 2001 and 2004 where I developed a keen interest in the nuances of Palaeolithic archaeology and specifically prehistoric cannibalism. Subsequently, in 2004 I started my MA in the Archaeology of Human Origins at Southampton and completed it in 2006 after doing the MA on a part-time basis. My dissertation concentrated on the construction of a 'Human Nutritional Template' with a view to understanding the motivations behind the acts of prehistoric cannibalism. During my MA I have also gained an interest in the application of geophysics (specifically resistance tomography) to Paleolithic Archaeology and have conducted several experiments in the application of resistivity to the prospection of Paleolithic geologies with promising results. Having completed my MA I worked for eight months in commercial archaeology as a geophysicist before returning once again to Southampton University to start my Ph.D.