Dr John McNabb

Dr John McNabb

University of Southampton
Avenue Campus
SO17 1BF

Position: Senior Lecturer and Director of CAHO

Research interests

My early research interests were on the British Lower Palaeolithic, and especially focused on a non-handaxe industry called the Clactonian. My PhD was on the Clactonian. I developed this interest further through historical research, excavation, and the extensive reanalysis of older museum collections. I published the results of all this work in my book The British Lower Palaeolithic. Stones in Contention in 2007. I have continued my interests in non-handaxe assemblages and in the British Lower Palaeolithic in general. Two of my research students, Hannah Fluck and Iza Romanowska, have broadened this interest by selecting non-handaxe industries both west (Hannah) and east (Iza) of the Rhine. These researches will place the British Clactonian in a much clearer European perspective.

Since the year 2000 I have developed research interests in the African Early Stone Age collaborating with researchers from Liverpool University (Cave of Hearths, South Africa), and South African researchers at the McGregor Museum Kimberley (Pniel 6 and Canteen Koppie), and the University of the Witwatersrand (Sterkfontein). These have combined excavation, field walking, experimental replication, and the analysis of collections of Oldowan and Acheulean stone tools from these and other sites. These have resulted in the publication of two monographs one on Canteen Koppie and the other on the Cave of Hearths, and a number of academic papers on other aspects of these projects. My interests in African ESA led to my being invited to join the British Academy Lucy to Language Centenial Project. This multidisciplinary research framework led to new insights and approaches to thinking about Acheulean material culture and with my student James Cole I have been working on ideas about what it may have been like to live and survive in an Acheulean social group.

A third and more recent strand to my research portfolio is in the Victorian and Edwardian development of Human Origins and Palaeolithic Archaeology as a subject. The results of these researches are due to be published in spring 2012 as Dissent with Modification. Human Origins, Palaeolithic Archaeology, and Evolutionary Anthropology in Britain 1859 - 1901. I combine this with a lively interest in Victorian science fiction, an unexpected but surprisingly fruitful subject for original ideas on human origins, evolution, and what it means to be human. Further aspects of this fascinating subject will be explored in other academic papers. I have also published on the archaeological aspects of the Piltdown fraud combining my interests in lithic technology with the history of the discipline.

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