Regulations for using Special Collections

Turner Sims Library

For curatorial reasons, special library regulations apply to the use of the collections:

  • It may be helpful to know that all coats, bags, etc., must be left by users of the Archives and Manuscripts and Rare Books searchroom in the lockers outside the room.
  • Mobile phones and pages must be switched off.
  • Work in the Archives searchroom must be done in pencil, including the completion of forms and order slips.
  • Portable computers can be used in the Archives searchroom. Where these are to be used with the mains electricity supply they must either be safety checked or used with a safety checked adapted supplied by Archives staff.
  • Eating and drinking are not permitted within the Archives searchroom.

A set of the regulations are available on the Library website.

Reprographics service

Researchers are not permitted to take their own copies of the archive and manuscript and rare book collections. A reprographics service is provided which offers copies, photographs (including digital copies) and microfilms of material, subject to certain regulations.