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Where are they now?

Thousands of students have graduated with BSc or higher degree since biological sciences courses were introduced at Southampton in the 1960s. Graduates from Biological Sciences have gone on to work in a variety of organisations including conservation trusts, public sector agencies and multinational corporations.

Amongst our alumni are company directors, dieticians, policy analysts, clinical scientists, international project leaders, publishing directors – and a well-known TV presenter.

Jason Adamson

Photo of Jason Adamson
“Southampton is well-respected for biological sciences and it was a good choice. The degree was very flexible and I was able to study several interesting aspects of the subject.”
Course: BSc Biomedical Sciences
Year of Graduation: 2007

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Paula Ashling

Photo of Paula Ashling
“There was a tremendous choice of units so you could explore different areas. I took optional modules in pharmacology which stood me in good stead later.”
Course: BSc Biochemistry
Year of Graduation: 2007

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David Barlow

Photo of David Barlow
“Biological Sciences has always been very supportive of my work. And now it’s nice to be able to give something back.”
Course: BSc Zoology, PhD
Current position: Researcher and film-maker
Year of Graduation: 1974

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James Buttinger

Photo of James Buttinger
“I have not ruled out going back to study for a doctorate later on. But at the moment I want to get on with earning a living and, hopefully, doing well in the City.”
Course: BSc Zoology
Current position: Banking
Year of Graduation: 2007

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Annie Cardew

Photo of Annie Cardew
“My friends doing dissertations in arts subjects are envious that I’m breaking new ground with my research.”
Course: PhD: 'Specificity of Triple Helix Formation'
Current position: Ongoing postgraduate research

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Ian Clark, United Kingdom

Photo of Ian Clark
“Pharmaceuticals and biotechs offer tremendous opportunities for young scientists.”
Course: BSc Biology
Current position: Chief Executive Officer, Genentech (San Francisco, California, USA)
Year of Graduation: 1981

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Richard Cottrell

Photo of Richard Cottrell
“It’s a fantastic job, I’m getting paid for doing something I really enjoy in a wonderful location in the sun, so I really can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be! ”
Course: BSc Biology
Year of Graduation: 2007

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Eagle Yi-Kung Huang, Taiwan

Photo of Eagle Yi-Kung Huang
“Degrees from an established UK university such as Southampton are always respected in my country. I would advise anyone to study at Southampton.”
Course: PhD Neuropharmacology
Current position: Associate Professor, National Defense Medical Center, Taiwan

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Matt Hutchings

Photo of Matt Hutchings
“The totally different thing about studying for a PhD is that you get to spend your whole time in the lab. You have your research question to explore but, of course, the more experiments you do, the more questions you have. Research is fascinating and, perhaps, neverending.”
Course: PhD
Current position: Research Fellow, University of East Anglia

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Carly Jennings

Photo of Carly Jennings
“Teaching at Southampton is research-led, which was a big selling point for me. My course also taught me self-directed learning and time management, skills that are valuable in my job.”
Course: BSc Biology, 2011
Current position: Trainee Clinical Physiologist
Year of Graduation: 2011

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Chris Packham

Photo of Chris Packham
“I’m a firm believer that the future of conservation lies in youth… empowering themselves to make change happen.”
Course: BSc Zoology
Current position: Wildlife presenter, author and photographer

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Robert Walker

Photo of Robert Walker
“It's hard to believe when I walked into Southampton as a student, I would remain there for my career. But I've always enjoyed teaching and talking with students. It was an excellent career choice.”
Course: BSc Zoology 1956 and PhD Neurophysiology 1959
Current position: Emeritus Professor
Year of Graduation: 1959

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