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Knowledge Transfer Partnership case studies

We have extensive experience of working with industry partners, helping them to achieve their goals through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs). Here are some examples showing how our world-leading research expertise has enabled three companies to develop and test new concepts and increase their market share.  

To discuss the possibility of setting up a partnership with your organisation, contact our KTP Programme Officer, Dr Phil Jewell by email or by calling +44(0)23 8059 8568.

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Aurora Medical Ltd

The KTP enabled Aurora Medical to validate prototypes for the next generation of implants
Improving ceramic hip replacements

Southampton-based company Aurora Medical worked with bioengineer Dr Alex Dickinson to investigate the potential of ceramic materials for use in hip implants. This involved computational analysis and physical testing of novel implant concepts.

“KTP has helped us to take advantage of recent improvements in material structure and performance from space technology to develop low-profile, large diameter ceramic bearings.”

Dr Andrew Taylor, Managing Director, Aurora Medical Ltd

CJR Propulsion Ltd

The KTP has given CJR Propulsion a unique design capability
Optimising marine vessel design

CJR Propulsion is a world leader in the design and manufacture of shafts, propellers, rudders and other associated stern gear for a variety of marine vessels, manufacturing bespoke designs for each vessel.

CJR Propulsion worked with engineering graduate Dr Simon Lewis to optimise stern gear using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The aim was to find a way to produce bespoke stern gear within a commercially viable cost and timeframe.

“As the industry’s technical leader, we have invested heavily in advanced technology and recognise the importance of steering the industry towards a more scientific approach to hull and associated appendage design. We also see the potentially significant commercial gains which can be made through having a better understanding of the underwater environment.”

Mark Russell, Managing Director, CJR Propulsion

Geotek Ltd

Equipment and processes developed during the KTP have opened up new markets for Geotek
Market-leading processes

Geotek specialises in the analysis of geological cores using a suite of geophysical and geochemical sensors. They provide equipment and consultancy services to science and industry worldwide.

The objective of this KTP was the development of an apparatus to allow sub-sampling and testing of pressurised sediment cores from the challenging deep ocean environments. Matthew Druce brought expertise from Engineering and the Environment at the University to this challenge.

“The KTP provided the opportunity for Geotek to be the first in the marketplace with new advanced equipment for testing of pressurised cores, and provide detailed analyses of gas hydrate/sediment behaviour. This provided Geotek with a new and increased revenue stream, allowing us to cement our position as market leaders and innovators.”

Quentin Huggett, Geotek Managing Director

More KTP partners

We have extensive experience of partnering with organisations from a range of sectors, including industry, the public sector and voluntary organisations. Other KTP partners include:


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