Consultancy Services

At Southampton, we pride ourselves on our skills and knowledge, specialising in leading technology and applied research.

Consultancy at the University falls broadly under two headings:

1. Consultancy through our well-established enterprise units, which have dedicated and professional teams solely deployed to work on projects with external organisations.

2. General consultancy undertaken by our academics. This could involve short or long-term projects and may be linked to other activities such as the use of our specialist facilities.

Consultancy versus collaborative research

Consultancy is deemed to be the deployment of existing knowledge and know-how; research is the creation of new knowledge and may have some additional Intellectual Property regulations attached to it. Please see our modes of collaboration factsheet for advice and guidance on the most appropriate mode of collaboration.

More information

"The practice of giving expert advice within a particular field."

Definition, Consultancy
Under the microscope

Under the microscope

We specialise in leading technology and applied research.