Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) programme facilitates innovative partnerships between business and an academic institution, through the expertise of a recently qualified graduate.

KTPs enable contributing businesses to implement a step-change in their competitiveness, productivity and performance, by providing them with access to the skills, expertise and facilities necessary to develop their business.

KTPs often result in the development of profitable long-term relationships between company and university.

How is a partnership funded?

The scheme is one of the Technology Strategy Board’s (TSB) flagship programmes and is co-funded by the TSB and other government agencies and departments such as; Research Councils, Development Agencies, the Department of Health and DEFRA*.

How is the programme managed?

The majority of the funding is used to cover the salary costs of the graduate, who will work predominantly in your company for the duration of the project (1-3 years). The graduate will project manage the programme defined in the application and is jointly supervised by the company and the Academic Supervisors, who have specialist academic knowledge relevant to the project.

Benefits to your company

Amongst other benefits, companies which participate in the scheme are able to:

Outputs vary between projects but the latest reports from the Technology Strategy Board show that on average the company benefits which can be expected from a single KTP project are:

The benefits are achieved through new technology, knowledge and skills being embedded in the company to ensure that the major strategic developments defined in the project are achieved.


KTPs are designed to help financially stable companies of all sizes.

Sponsorship rates

Further information

"KTP is an effective and successful programme with a wide range of identifiable beneficial results. For example between 2001/2 and 2007/8 it is estimated that the KTP programme generated £4.2-4.6 billion of new sales for businesses involved, £1.6-1.8 billion of GVA and 5,530-6,090 jobs (in addition to the KTP Associates themselves)."

Technology Strategy Board, Update on KTP Strategic Review and management arrangements, 3 June 2010
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Facilitating innovative partnerships between business and academia.

KTP diagram

KTP diagram

KTPs often result in the development of profitable long-term relationships between company and university.