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*Important note to ALL students: You do not need to 'sign on' or create an account to start the graduate passport, you simply need to start claiming points by filling out Completion of Activity Forms, and sending them with supporting evidence to Additionally, the Graduate Passport is NOT associated with the UK visa process and will not contribute to any Tier 4 Visa applications.*

What is the Graduate Passport?

The Graduate Passport is a record of achievement which rewards students for participating in various extra-curricular activities alongside their degree programme.
The scheme is open for all students to achieve including undergraduates to postgraduate students.
Points based programme which consists of a selection of over 60 possible activities
which are completed to achieve your passport
Once you have completed your Graduate Passport you will awarded with a Graduate Passport certificate at one of our summer award ceremonies.

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Why Complete the Graduate Passport?

Stand out from the crowd in an ever increasing competitive market. A good degree is essential, but is not enough.
Provides a framework of your experience to look back on when you apply for jobs
Gain recognised credit for activities you are already doing
An incentive to discover new activities/clubs/events to get involved in!
A certificate will be issued at the end of the academic year in which you achieve your Passport. You are encouraged to keep copies of your CVs, references, reflective narratives and other evidence that you have gathered. This will help you demonstrate how you stand out from the crowd in the marketplace.

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How does the point system work?

In order to complete the Graduate Passport a total of 200 points must be obtained during your time at University:

  • 35 points MUST come from the activities in the Core Programme
  • 75 points MUST come from activities in your chosen package
  • The remaining 90 points can be obtained through activities from the General Options list or any of the activities from across the packages.
  • There is no limit to how many points you can accumulate.

Collecting points is easy; you just need to provide sufficient evidence to support each activity you complete. Please view the PowerPoint presentation "Graduate Passport - Clarifying the Points Based System" or read the "Graduate Passport Points Explained" document for further information on how the points work.

Note: No points will be awarded for activities which are undertaken as part of a course as these will be accredited and recognised in the degree award or Diploma Supplement with CATS/ECTS points.

Please allow at least 5 working days for your points to be shown on the Student Portal. If you have any questions or queries about your points you can email

N.B. Due to data protection will we not accept any generic sign in sheets which list all other attendees.

Welcome Session:

One major advantage of the Graduate Passport is that it allows for flexibility. The General Options category allows for additional activities to be undertaken in order reach the minimum target of 200 points and complete your Graduate Passport. To fully understand the points based system please view the PowerPoint presentation "Graduate Passport - Clarifying the Points Based System".

Before you get started, you are welcome to attend a "Welcome to the Graduate Passport" session, but this is not obligatory. This will allow you to understand the scheme and have any questions answered, it will also allow you to begin your reflective journey on why you want to achieve the Passport and plan what activities you will undertake to reach your personal goals. To book on a 'Welcome to the Graduate Passport session' visit the Events Calendar.

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SUSU and Academic staff:

Career Destinations work closely with SUSU and academic departments in order to help improve students' graduate skills, attributes and employability.

Assigning Passport Points:
For students to gain points for activities they have undertaken we require evidence or proof. For activities linked to the Students’ Union such as being an active member of a society or volunteering we would ask the president or staff member to confirm membership by signing the Completion of Activity Form presented by the student.

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Active Citizen Package

  • This package focuses on community involvement and citizenship incorporating activities such as volunteering work, becoming an active member of societies and representing your academic department or the Students' Union. Some of the skills you will develop within this package form the top 3 ‘soft’ skills that Employers look for in graduates – communication, team-working and integrity.

Entrepreneur Package

  • This package focuses on creativity, business, social enterprise and initiative through various projects and activities. Suggested attributes you will hone with this package include commercial awareness, leadership skills, creativity and ingenuity, all of which are increasingly desirable with employers and organisations. It can range from getting involved in media projects to setting up a small business, addressing entrepreneurial skills in its widest sense.

Global Graduate Package

  • In a global market place, international awareness is a key skill many employers value. Being internationally aware does not mean you have to travel and work abroad, although options are available if you choose to do this. Instead it can be about engaging with different cultures and expanding your knowledge while remaining in the UK. Activities for this package also include language taster classes, attending the Global Advantage Conference, befriending an international student, translating publications, studying, working or volunteering abroad and presenting at an international conference or event.

Developing Professional Package

  • This package enables you to participate in a range of activities from across the set packages above to develop a broad spectrum of experiences to reflect on. This package is ideal for those who want to experiment with a wide range of experiences or who are undecided about the direction of their career journey. It also enables you to develop a range of professional interests, work experiences and transferable skills by choosing relevant options from each package.

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