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Excel Southampton Internship Programme

The Excel Southampton Internship Programme offers paid internship opportunities during vacation periods and at term-time that enhance your CV, expand your network and open graduate recruitment opportunities.

Since it began in 2009 the programme has rapidly expanded, with over 400 positions filled in 2015/16.

Within the Excel Southampton Internship Programme, we work collaboratively with other programmes to provide exciting opportunities for University of Southampton Students.

The Excel Southampton Internship Programme - Create a Brighter Future
Create a Brighter Future

How could the Excel Southampton Internship Programme benefit you?

Undertaking an internship through the Excel Southampton Internship Programme will allow you to enjoy a number of benefits including:

Working alongside friendly professionals made me feel valued, welcomed and most importantly, challenged. The experience and skills I gained will aid me in later life for sure.


How does it work?

What do we expect from you?

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Excel Southampton Internship Programme

Our programme is exclusive to University of Southampton students and recent graduates. It is open to students of any degree discipline, at any stage of study, and for 12 months following graduation.

It is however the responsibility of the student to check that their course does not prohibit them from participating in the Excel Southampton Internship Programme.

If you have a Tier 4 visa, we would recommend that you read the 'Protecting your Tier 4 Visa' document in the 'Useful Downloads' below.

Santander Universities  Internship Programme

There have been numerous changes to the Santander Programme this year so please contact a member of the Internship Team for more information.

Programme Basics:

  • Internships last between 4-12 weeks during Easter, summer or term-time
  • All internships are paid at a minimum rate of £7.87p/h
  • Working hours for full-time internships are 35 hours per week
  • Opportunities are available within all sectors, working with organisations of various sizes
  • Opportunities will generally be advertised for 3 weeks - new opportunities will be posted on the first Monday of every month between October and May

Application Process:

Please ensure that you read the Student Guide in full before applying to the Excel Southampton Internship Programme.

1.Search for an opportunity on MyCareer using the 'Excel Southampton Internships' tab at the top of the page. If you are a graduate, you will need to register before searching for opportunities.

2.Submit your application and CV to your chosen role on MyCareer

3.We will review your application and notify you of the outcome

4.If successful, your application will then be passed on to the employer

5.The employer may choose to shortlist further and will notify you of the outcome

6.If selected for interview, the employer will contact you to arrange a date and time

7.If appointed, you will be sent an Internship Agreement to complete. This must be completed and returned to us before you begin your internship

In order to ensure that you gain the most from your internship, we require you to commit to the following:

  • Attend our Induction and Reflection Activities (if undertaking an Easter or summer internship)
  • Inform the Internship Team of any changes in your circumstances which affect your ability to undertake your internship
  • Complete all documentation sent to you by the Internship team or your supervisor as instructed in a prompt manner
  • Complete our feedback forms upon completion of your internship
  • Contribute to our Yearbook

More details can be found in our Student Guide (found in 'Useful Downloads' below)

Want to hear about the Excel Programme from those who have already completed an internship?

“The internship gave me an invaluable opportunity to experience how a business operates. I was both surprised and pleased at how much responsibility I was given and thereby how much I have learnt. It has been instrumental in gaining a training contract.”

Katie Bunce, Internship and E3 Consulting in 2015

“Being part of the Excel Internship programme has opened up my choices like I never could have imagined. By undertaking a well-organised internship in a company in the heart of its field, I have gained invaluable experience, knowledge and networking that I am certain will help my career prospects when I finish university. The whole process from application to the wonderful awards ceremony has been a top experience that I recommend to any person eligible to apply.”

Clayton Jones - Winner of the Excel Southampton Award for Excellence 2015, Internship at FX Digital in 2015

For more detailed experiences from students in 2014/15 please check out our Yearbook found in 'Useful Downloads' below!

Alternatively, take a look at our new blog for updates from students and the Internship team

Click on the button below to search and apply for opportunities. Select the 'Excel Southampton Internship' tab at the top of the page.

You can browse our full list of opportunities at the bottom of this page.

We advertise new opportunities on the first Monday of every month for a 3 week period.

For more information about the application process, please see the 'How does it work?' tab.

If you have any queries, please contact a member of the Internship Team:


Telephone: 02380 593501

Internship Requests

If you are looking for a particular type of internship that you haven't been able to find through the Excel Southampton Internship Programme so far, please enter your request and it will be sent directly to the Internship Team for consideration, however no guarantees can be made that an internship request can be fulfilled.

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    Current Excel Southampton Internship Opportunities

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