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Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration

Facilities and resources

Welcome to our labs!

CHDSCR is a multidisciplinary centre with a wide range of different but complimentary facilities found throughout the Faculty of Medicine, the Institute for Life Sciences (IfLS) and The University.

Molecular biology







We have a range of fully equipped cell culture laboratories for pluripotent and adult stem cell culture, human and animal cell culture, including GMP facilities.

Our microscopy equipment includes optical and electron microscopy, fluorescent inverted microscopes with imaging software, time lapse video microscopy. We also have access to a suite of microscopy facilities at the Biomedical Imaging Unit in Southampton General Hospital.

Our molecular biology equipment includes real time PCR/HRM cyclers, PCR cyclers, automated pipetting station, Gel Doc system.


Quantitative PCR







At the Highfield campus we work closely with the µ-VIS Microtomographic Volume Imaging Centre and the Institute for Life Sciences which bring a strong multidisciplinary focus to our research.


Other available facilities:

Faculty of Medicine Facilities

Imaging and Microscopy Centre at the School of Biological Sciences (Highfield campus)

µ-VIS Microtomographic Volume Imaging Centre (Highfield campus)

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