Welcome to the Teaching Citizenship in Higher Education Website

How to Use the Site

How to Use the SiteThe learning activities on this site can be integrated into teaching on different types of courses and using a range of different approaches. It is also possible to run a complete course on citizenship using the materials on this website.

Learning Activities

Learning ActivitiesThe site hosts 11 free-to-access learning activities that challenge students to explore different aspects of citizenship in contemporary society. Students are asked to reflect on academic debates and their own attitudes and behaviours as citizens.

PDP Guidance

PDP GuidanceIncreasingly students are required to produce personal development plans as part of their studies. There are a number of ways that the materials on this site can be used as part of the PDP process.

Suggestions for Educational Developers

Educational DevelopmentThe materials on this site offer a non-traditional approach to teaching and learning. Educational developers will find guidance on how the learning activities could be used in staff development workshops.

Background to the Project

BackgroundThis website is the result of a collaboration between the Universities of Southampton, Keele and Liverpool John Moores. It was funded by the Higher Education Council of England under Phase 5 of the Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning.

Related Web Sites

Related websitesThere are a range of organisations promoting citizenship education, mostly in schools and colleges. There are also other related projects supported by the Fund for Development of Teaching and Learning.