Evaluation and Development

Rights and Duties of Citizens

Students are introduced to the rights and duties associated with citizenship by carrying out two tasks. The first is a short, interactive on-line quiz. This raises their awareness of:-

  • the rights that form the central tenets of the liberal tradition of citizenship;
  • the duties that tend to be emphasised more strongly in the civic republican tradition of citizenship; and
  • rights and duties associated with feminism and multiculturalism.

The quiz also reveals where students stand in relation to these aspects of citizenship and provides them with some additional explanatory material on each.

The second task is based around three case studies on controversies in public policy, which highlight different issues concerning the right and duties of citizenship in contemporary society. These are the limits to the freedom of expression arising from the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006; compulsory voting; and whether everyone should have a right to a basic income regardless of whether or not they work. To help students investigate these controversies they are provided with on-line resources in the form of textual material and links to relevant web sites.

Educational Development Question

How might you investigate the effectiveness of the on-line quiz to meet the learning goals specified in the scenario?