Letter Writing

Letter WritingLetters are written to MPs, MEPs, parliamentary candidates and other influential people to give an indication of feeling on a particular issue. The aim of this method is to exert pressure on individuals to take the issue up on behalf of the letter writers. MPs can write to Government Ministers, raise the issue during question time in Parliament, and sign an Early Day Motion to let the Government know issues of concern. The more letters being written, the better, since this suggests more agreement about the issue in question. Typical advice writing such letters includes:

  • Keep it brief
  • Hand write the letter
  • Be polite
  • Don’t try to use fancy words
  • Include your name and address
  • Request a reply
  • Keep a copy

Letters are a good technique for drawing attention to concerns about issues that have not previously been on the mainstream political agenda. Amnesty International’s frequent letter-writing campaigns seek to highlight the plight of individual prisoners of conscience, or demonstrate disapproval of particular government policies. If you want to contact your own MP. For more information on your own MP and what they are doing, see they work for you.