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Watch and listen to free-to-download video and audio content on our iTunes U channel - introducing the University across a range of subject areas including our world-leading research activity, student life, and campus based events.


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About iTunes U

iTunes U is a web channel within the iTunes store, Apple’s online digital media store. Educational content can be downloaded for free using the iTunes software straight to your PC or Mac, iPad, iPod and iPhone.

To install the iTunes software, follow these simple steps:
1. visit
2. click on the download installer, and follow the instructions provided
3. once iTunes is installed, launch the application from the Visit Southampton on iTunes U button above (re-start may be needed for PCs).

If you are a University staff member, you may not be able to install the iTunes software directly from the Internet to a managed desktop environment. Please contact ServiceLine to request installation of iTunes U.


The University uses all reasonable efforts to ensure that nothing on its iTunes U site infringes UK copyright law. Please refer to our "iTunesU takedown document" for further information if you are concerned that material has been reproduced on iTunes U without your permission. This can be found in the Useful downloads section of this webpage.

Contribute digital content to Southampton on iTunes U

All digital content made available through the iTunes U platform for the University of Southampton is reviewed to ensure content and licence release documentation meets our legal requirements.

If you would like to submit content for consideration on our iTunes U site, or would like further information, please contact

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