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Enabling study and work for all

Supporting students and staff with a disability to achieve their full potential is a long-term commitment of the University, and one at which we strive to offer the best services available. As host to the industry-leading Wessex Needs Assessment Centre, we are proud of the level of support we achieve for our students and staff.

We have a number of facilities available dedicated to the support of those with disabilities, and every effort is made to ensure that campuses, services and teaching are accessible to all.

DisabledGo: promoting access for all

The University is proud to be a partner of DisabledGo, a nationally renowned charity dedicated to improving knowledge and awareness of the accessibility of public buildings. Their work enables those with accessibility difficulties to be better informed before visiting a business or service, and businesses receive guidance to improve their accessibility. DisableGo conducts an annual audit of our campuses and facilities, and provides access details through their website, available to all.

DisabledGo access guides have also been incorporated into the Open Data Map, so that services and facilities can be explored alongside access guides.

Leading in Web Accessibility

The University is home to the Learning Societies Lab which has been leading the development of the JISC TechDis Toolbar; a web accessibility aid that can be applied to any website to help users access its content. As part of iSolutions' commitment to ensuring our web content is fully accessible, this toolbar will be gradually deployed across all University websites. A new Web Accessibility Policy has also been developed, which establishes guidelines for web content authors to ensure that all content is accessible.