Southampton Education School

Research centres

Research within the Southampton Education School is structured both to denote the School's principal research themes, and to reflect wider inter-disciplinary interests.

Four research centres provide support for staff, major funded projects and a range of other research projects as well as providing support and activities for our research students. These centres are listed here together with affiliated research groups and themes, plus, where appropriate, special interest groups.

Leadership, School Improvement and Effectiveness (LSIE)

Lifelong and Work-related Learning (LaWRL)

Mathematics and Science Education (MaSE)

Social Justice and Inclusive Education (SJIE)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

New and exciting developments often emerge from Special Interest Groups of research active staff and students sharing and exploring common interests. Some of these are hosted by individual Research Centres (and are thus also listed above), while others are more widely affiliated.

For a complete list of research centres, affiliated groups and SIGs in alphabetic sequence, see the Groups page.

Centre for Global Health, Population, Poverty & Policy

The Centre for Global Health, Population, Poverty & Policy (GHP3) brings together social scientists from across a range of disciplines, to carry out research investigating the interrelationships between health, population and poverty at both the societal and individual level.

ESRC Centre for Population Change

The ESRC Centre for Population Change aims to improve understanding of the key drivers and implications of population change within the UK. The Centre is a joint initiative between the University of Southampton and a consortium of Scottish Universities in partnership with the Office for National Statistics and the General Registrar Office in Scotland, and is directed by Professor Jane Falkingham (University of Southampton)

ESRC Third Sector Research Centre (TSRC)

The Third Sector Research Centre exists to develop the evidence base on, for and with the third sector in the UK. Working closely with practitioners, policy-makers and other academics, TSRC is undertaking and reviewing research, and making this research widely available.