Southampton Education School

Research Group: Race and Ethnicity Special Interest Group

The race, ethnicity and education SIG in the school of education at the University of Southampton is focused around examining educational inequalities in relation to issues of ‘race’ and ethnicity.

Currently Active: Yes

Group Overview

We are particularly concerned with an analysis of intersectionalities of difference to explore how ‘race’ and ethnicity cross cut gender and class. Current research by SIG members focuses on the teaching of history in the national curriculum, the challenges trainee teachers face in embracing diversity in their practice, diversity and inclusion on ITE courses and the role of black and minority ethnic academics in Higher Education.

Members of the Race and Ethnicity SIG work closely with the BERA (British Educational Research Association) Race, Ethnicity and Education SIG. We have in the past contributed to Keynote Symposia and conferences supported by the BERA SIG.

Convenor: Kalwant Bhopal.


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Research projects

Research projects associated with this group: