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Research Group: Social Justice and Inclusive Education (SJIE) Research Centre

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This Centre has been replaced in Summer 2015 by the Centre for Research in Inclusion.

Group Overview

The Centre for Research in Inclusion at Southampton Education School comprises researchers and educators representing a breadth of research and practice aimed at understanding and supporting the inclusion of children and adults, families and practitioners in education and communities. Centre members support the use and further understanding of inclusive, participatory, practitioner-based or emancipatory methodologies. We work in the areas of:

  • Inclusive education
  • Inclusive research methods and approaches
  • Inclusive practices, pedagogies and technologies
  • Inclusive approaches to new media practices and methods
  • Fostering positive approaches to diversity, student voice and social and emotional well-being
  • Marginalisation


A recent review by Dr Sarah Parsons of best educational practice for children on the autism spectrum has entered Routledge's Class of 2012, its most downloaded articles: European Journal of Special Needs Education, 26, 1.

Recent research carried out by Dr Kalwant Bhopal suggests that racism in UK academia remains as prevalent as it was 20 years ago. Of 65 academics interviewed for the study, the overwhelming majority said they had experienced some kind of racism, either direct or indirect. Only two said gender had had more of an impact on their careers than race. See the article published in the Times Higher Education.

Research Staff

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