The Disability Support Team uses a disclosure agreement to work with students. To the right of this information you can open a read-only copy of the disclosure form that we use. At your first meeting with the team you will be asked to give your consent to enable the Disability Support Team to share relevant information with others. The information is shared in order to best facilitate your support. 

The Disability Support Team only contacts other personal or services on a need-to-know basis. If you request that we do, we can always inform you of any communication before it happens. We will normally be acting on your behalf, for example liaising with your academic school or with external funding bodies.

The Disability Support Team will always uphold your wishes in terms of disclosure, however if at any time we become seriously concerned about either your health or the health of those around you, we will contact your doctor. We would only do this without your permission in exceptional circumstances and would always inform you after we have done so of the action that we have taken.

If you have any concerns regarding the level of disclosure please contact a member of the team.