Aspergers Syndrome & Other Autism Spectrum Disorders

Aspergers' Syndrome falls within the spectrum of Autism Spectrum Disorders. More information about Aspergers' Syndrome can be found on the National Autistic Society website

Students with  Asperger’s Syndrome may find the following support useful during their studies. This support can be funded through the Disabled Students Allowances.

  • buddy at the beginning of term, someone to show you around campus and help do all of the initial 'start of university' tasks.
  • mentor to provide regular support with organisation, integration into university life, planning and assignments.
  • A digital voice recorder to help retain information from lectures.
  • Assistive Technology Service membership so that you have more space and a quieter environment to work.

For further information about how the University of Southampton supports its student's with Aspergers' Syndrome please contact the Disability Support Team.