Health Conditions

Often students with health conditions find that they need no particular support whilst at University, other than that provided through their GP. However it is always good to inform us of such health conditions, then if a need arose during your course we can put support in place quickly.

Some students find that they do need extra support whilst studying, this can be arranged through the Disability Support Team, either by using the Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs) or another funding source.

Some examples:

  • If you have a condition such as arthritis or multiple sclerosis and sometimes need support (e.g. a note-taking arrangement) we can usually arrange that support. We may also be able to arrange for you to have a study bedroom with a level access shower or other adaptations, as required.
  • If you have chronic pain or chronic fatigue (including “ME” or post-viral fatigue syndrome) we may be able to offer additional support with equipment / helpers to help save your time and energy for completing your academic work

  • If you have a photosensitive form of epilepsy and have difficulty with computer screens / fluorescent lights which appear to “flicker”, specialist equipment can be purchased to reduce the “flicker” effect for you.

  • If you have diabetes and your blood sugar control is affected by exam stress then special examination arrangements can be negotiated.

  • If you have severe asthma or a heart condition and may require oxygen therapy we may be able to arrange for this in your student accommodation.

Please remember – the above descriptions are examples, if you are not sure how we can help, just ask!