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Engineering and the Environment

Dr Angelo N Grubisic PhD (Advanced Propulsion), MSc, BEng (Hons)

Lecturer in Astronautics and Advanced Propulsion

Dr Angelo N Grubisic's photo
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Dr Angelo N Grubisic is Lecturer in Astronautics and Advanced Propulsion within Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton.

Dr Grubisic is a specialist in the development and testing of advanced propulsion systems for spacecraft.  He also provides lectures in Astronautics, particularly utilising applied systems engineering knowledge and methodologies.

Dr Grubisic joined the Astronautics group at the University of Southampton in 2013.  Prior to this he was a consultant AIT and Systems Engineer for QinetiQ, responsible for the development of the T6 Solar Electric Propulsion System on the +£1.1bn ESA BepiColumbo Mission to Mercury.  He was involved in the development of several systems including propellant flow control systems, power processing and control units and gridded ion thruster development.  Over the last 8 years, Dr Grubisic has worked extensively with the European Space Agency and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the development of advanced technologies.  He is a specialist in spacecraft propulsion and materials science.





Research interests

  • All-electric spacecraft development - Associated technology development and systems engineering necessart for the development of all-electric propulsion spacecraft for orbit-raising and station keeping
  • Gridded ion thruster lifetime - Investigation of high energy ion production by hollow cathodes as a life limiting mechanism in gridded ion thrusters
  • Resistojets - Development of very high temperature (+3500K) resistojet thrusters for spacecraft reaction control systems to enable all-electric spacecraft
  • Hollow cathode thrusters - Investigating plasma acceleration phenomenon in hollow cathodes as a possible alternative to chemical propulsion systems
  • High temperature materials research for space applications

Research group(s)




  • SESA3005 Astronautics III
  • SESA6036 Spacecraft Engineering and Design
Dr Angelo N Grubisic
Engineering and the Environment University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number: 13/5053

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