Engineering and the Environment

Steven J Johnston

MEng, PhD

Primary position:
Research Fellow


The University of Southampton

Steven recently completed a Ph.D. at the Computational Engineering and Design Group (CED) at the University of Southampton where he also received an MEng degree in Software Engineering from the School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS).

His research interests include the management and organisation of large volumes of data enabling Data Grid functionality to non technical users. He worked on the design and implementation of the BioSimGrid project, assisting with the management of large simulation data sets.

Dr Steven J Johnston's photo


Research Interests

  • data management, storage and redundancy
  • distributed data distribution
  • database replication

Primary research group:  Computational Engineering and Design


Dr Steven J Johnston
Computational Engineering and Design Group
Engineering Centre of Excellence
Building 176
University of Southampton
Boldrewood Campus
Burgess Road
SO16 7QF

Room Number: 176/5007