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IGTI Student Scholarship awarded to Southampton student

26 August 2011

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, International Gas Turbine Institute (IGTI) has awarded Southampton PhD student, Moresh Wankhede, an IGTI Student Scholarship.

Moresh is a member of the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre for Computational Engineering based at the University of Southampton.

The $2000 scholarship from the IGTI will help to support Moresh's PhD research in gas turbine combustor design optimization.

Moresh comments:  "I am very happy to receive this scholarship award from ASME for my Ph.D. work on ‘Gas turbine combustor design optimization' under the guidance of Dr. Neil Bressloff and Prof. Andy Keane. I am very interested in propulsion systems in general and gas turbines in particular, which motivated me to pursue PhD research work after my MSc degree in Aerodynamics. I would also like to thank Rolls-Royce PLC, for funding this research work and Dr. Marco Zedda in particular for his continued support. This award definitely motivates me further to develop and contribute new ideas for efficient gas turbine technology". 

Moresh's supervisors comment: 

"Moresh is one of our most hard-working and committed students who clearly has a very bright future ahead of him - he is a credit to Southampton and Rolls-Royce." Professor Keane.

"Moresh first joined our research group during the Aerodynamics and Computation MSc course 2007/08. He was awarded the programme prize for his MSc dissertation, and this led to a Dorothy Hodgkin Award to support his PhD research. It is a credit to Moresh's continued motivation and the high quality of his work that he has now been awarded the IGTI Scholarship". Dr Bressloff.

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