Engineering and the Environment


Engineering students recognised for their achievements in volunteering

18 May 2015

Four students from Engineering and the Environment have been recognised by the University of Southampton Students' Union (SUSU) for their volunteering efforts over the past year. Jack Merrifield, Lydia Butler, Shruti Verma and Andrew Clarke all combined studying for their degrees with making a difference to the wider community.

Echolocation study by Dr D Rowan

‘Make like a bat’: new study finds two ears attuned to high frequencies help us find objects using echoes

8 May 2015

The ability that some people have to use echoes to determine the position of an otherwise silent object, in a similar way to bats and dolphins, requires good high-pitch hearing in both ears, according to new research from the University of Southampton.

CiELO space debris cloud

Space debris from satellite explosion increases collision risk for space craft

6 May 2015

Debris from the US Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) F13 satellite, which recently exploded in orbit, could pose a threat to other spacecraft and missions according to new research from the University of Southampton.

Auditory Implant Service

Auditory Implant Service celebrates 25 years of bringing sound to deaf ears

29 April 2015

Southampton’s Auditory Implant Service has celebrated 25 years of helping deaf adults and children to hear.

Lawrence and his team mate

Southampton graduate to make record-breaking North Atlantic rowing attempt

29 April 2015

On Friday 1 May, University of Southampton alumnus Lawrence Walters (Ship Science, 2014) will be rowing the Atlantic Ocean in support of The Brain Tumour Charity.

Students carry out successful first test of hybrid rocket motor

22 April 2015

Last week a group of Master of Engineering (MEng) students carried out a successful first test of a hybrid rocket motor, designed to produce 400 N of thrust, as part of their final year Group Design Project (GDP).

Eurobot 2015

National success in robot competition for second year engineering students

20 April 2015

Engineering students scooped both first and second prizes in the hotly-contested national Eurobot robotics contest beating teams from other universities*; they will go on to represent the UK in the international final in Switzerland next month.

Picture of the UBC team

Success in the Universities Business Challenge

15 April 2015

Engineering and the Environment have had another successful year in this year’s Universities Business Challenge (UBC).

Picture of Sarah Muskett

Sustainability initiative wins top honours for Environmental Sciences Masters student

2 April 2015

Environmental Sciences student Sarah Muskett was named as the Outstanding Student at the 2015 University of Southampton Sustainability Action Awards. She spent last summer carrying out sustainability audits of Methodist churches in the south, helping communities to reduce their carbon footprint and save money.

Soldiers cite ‘Medic!’ as a top hearing priority

1 April 2015

‘Medic!’, ‘Hold fire!’ and grid references are amongst the highest priorities for soldiers to be able to hear while on duty, according to new research from the University of Southampton.