Engineering and the Environment

Engineering Research

We strive to improve people's Quality of Life by research in hearing, hearing aids, cochlear implants and balance.

Leading the world with pioneering research

Our researchers are working at the cutting edge, pioneering solutions to the key issues facing society. Our vibrant research community is multidisciplinary and led by world-renowned academics. The research feeds into the educational and enterprise programmes, and vice versa. In this way, researchers, students and business maximise the opportunities to guide the research to produce solutions suitable for industry/healthcare/policy, and give students the opportunity to work in cutting-edge research and enterprise teams.

World-class facilities

Our facilities provide the foundations for our research. Through continuous investment, we ensure that our researchers have access to the equipment they need for pioneering work which addresses the problems of today and tomorrow.

Making an impact

Our research has a significant impact on society, finding innovative solutions to key challenges in industry, Government, and public service. Transforming research into real world solutions produces business opportunities, enhances quality of life, creates jobs, boosts the economy, and counters those aspects of the world today that would otherwise make it less safe and less rewarding.

Research centres

Several national centres, industrial units, interdisciplinary research centres and spin-off companies operate under the umbrella of Engineering and the Environment.

Research themes

Our research covers a broad range of themes, our community thrives on our interdisciplinary nature sharing expertise, knowledge and facilities across the University.