18 December 2008

Construction sites on holiday

Happy Christmas 2008

No construction works will take place over the Christmas period.

09 December 2008

Sustainability high on the agenda for the MCE

Attenuation tank

A big, man-made hole has appeared outside the main Boldrewood building. Occupants of the building have been wondering why it there - a swimming pool perhaps? The hole-in-the-ground does not have such a glamorous fate ahead of it, but instead it is destined to have a very practical and essential future as an attenuation tank.

3 November 2008

Temporary closure of footpath on Burgess Road

Temporary closure of footpath on Burgess Road between Bassett Avenue and the Cloisters.

29 October 2008

University welcomes City Council support for the Maritime Centre of Excellence

Maritime Centre of Excellence

The decision by Southampton City Council’s Planning and Rights of Way Panel to support detailed plans for the redevelopment of the Boldrewood campus as a Maritime Centre of Excellence is warmly welcomed by the University of Southampton and Lloyd’s Register.

21 October 2008

Bringing Science to Life

The piling works on the Life Sciences Building site have recently been completed and the piling rig has now been taken off-site to be replaced by the first of the two tower cranes that will be involved in the construction of the foundations and concrete basement. The second tower crane will arrive on site later this month.

13 October 2008

Mountbatten complex has its first occupants

The new Mountbatten complex now has its first occupants. Staff from the School of Electronics and Computer Science have moved in to the level 3 and 4 offices; staff from the Optoelectronics Research Centre will start to move in shortly.

08 October 2008

Works on Burgess Road

As part of the approved redevelopment of the Boldrewood campus, the University and Statutory Service providers will be undertaking some work on Burgess Road to enable the new access road to the campus to be created. This work includes the installation of traffic lights to control future access to and from the campus, and physically linking the new traffic lights to existing traffic controls at the junctions with the Avenue and with Glen Eyre Road, as well as the re-routing of various utilities.

29 August 2008

Demolition works progress at Boldrewood

demolition works

To anyone walking along Burgess Road past the Boldrewood campus, there are now visible signs that the demolition of the lecture theatre block is underway.

08 August 2008

Further progress of the Mountbatten project


The Mountbatten project is progressing well with completion scheduled to occur in stages. Certification of the clean rooms and laboratories on the lower two floors will be completed during August, allowing the installation of the research tools and equipment to begin in earnest.

25 July 2008

Detailed plans submitted for MCE Phase 1 development

Progress with the redevelopment of the Boldrewood campus reached a significant milestone this week when detailed plans for the first phase of the redevelopment of the Boldrewood campus were submitted on 23rd July for consideration by Southampton City Council.

24 July 2008

Estate development news feed – how to keep track of our news updates

Our Estate Development news feed has been prepared so you can read news items directly via your browser.

21 July 2008

Construction of the Life Sciences Building underway

B85 piling rig

Last week saw the start of construction of the Life Sciences Building on the Highfield campus. This was signalled by the installation of the final elements of the contractor’s on-site accommodation, and made particularly visible with the hoarding being built around the perimeter of the site.

July 2008

Update on Faraday Tower - July 2008

The University is now working closely with the School of Civil Engineering & the Environment to explore its needs for the development of high quality space to support and accommodate its research and teaching for the next 25 years.

17 July 2008

Wellingtonia (Tree 7) to be retained on Boldrewood campus

The large Wellingtonia (Tree 7) which is located immediately next to the proposed new vehicular entrance to the Boldrewood site from Burgess Road will now be retained as part of the plans to redevelop the site.

03 July 2008

Closure of pedestrian access from Burgess Road to the Boldrewood campus

Pedestrian access from Burgess Road to the Boldrewood campus will be closed from Monday 14th July 2008 until further notice.

June 2008

Public exhibition at the Boldrewood campus

Maritime Centre of Excellence: A public exhibition will be held on Friday June 6th (16:30 - 20:00) and Saturday June 7th (09:00 - 12:00) in the main building at the Boldrewood campus.

June 2008

Faraday Tower occupants relocated to temporary accommodation

To enable future work to be undertaken with minimum disruption to the users of the Faraday building, its occupants have been relocated to temporary accommodation erected on Engineering Square.

16 June 2008

Mountbatten Complex nears completion

Viewed from Salisbury Road, a temporary landmark is noticeably absent following the recent removal of the tower crane. The external elevations are now largely completed.

6 June 2008

Life Sciences Building furniture exhibition for staff/PGR workspaces

Future occupants of the Life Sciences Building (i.e. academic & administrative staff and PGR students) will be able to view an exhibition aimed at giving a flavour of the type of furniture and workspace layout that will be possible in the Life Sciences Building.

27 May 2008

Planning approval granted for the Life Sciences Building

Planning permission for the Life Sciences Building to be constructed on the Highfield campus was granted by Southampton City Council's Planning and Rights of Way Panel.

20 May 2008

MCE: meeting with nearest neighbours

A meeting with nearest neighbours took place to provide an opportunity for local residents to meet some of the University's team.

April 2008

The Life Sciences Building space planning workshop

In response to feedback received following the first Life Sciences Building exhibition at Boldrewood, two workshops were held on Monday 21st April to discuss the options for office space for staff and PGR students in the IfLS.

April 2008

Closure of footpath

The footpath running east to west, joining the south end of University Crescent to the path alongside University Road, has been closed from 29th April 2008 until further notice. Permission to close the footpath was granted by Southampton City Council.

April 2008

Life Sciences Building exhibition

The exhibition showed the current plans for the new Life Sciences Building and provided an opportunity for staff and students to gain an understanding of the proposed development.

24 January 2008

Update on Faraday Tower

Following yesterday’s inspection of the Faraday Tower (B21), Estates & Facilities can confirm that the Heras fencing has now been removed to allow the re-opening of the roads and the normal function of the bollard outside the Energy Centre.

16 January 2008

Update on Faraday Tower

In this week’s high winds (January 14th), the hoarding around the Faraday building was blown down in several places. This is currently being re-erected around the site to ensure that it stays secure.