News release

From PMU Communications

12 August 2010

Salisbury Road closure

Salisbury Road will be closed on the 23rd of August for up to four weeks to enable essential repair work to the carriageway near the junction with University Road. During the road closure there will be no access to Salisbury Road from University Road, and the Gower car park will be closed. For the duration of the roadworks, pre-booked visitor parking will be relocated to the Pay-and-Display car park.

The footpath on the north side of Salisbury Road (nearest the Gower car park)  will be kept open throughout these works.  Cyclists wishing to use this route should dismount and walk their bike along the stretch of pavement, before returning to the road on the other side of the road closure. 

Please see the pdf map of Salisbury Road to see the area of closure and vehicular and pedestrian routes during this time.