News release

From PMU Communications

04 October 2010

Life Sciences building opens for the start of the new academic year

Landscaped pedestrian approach to the Life Sciences Building

The Life Sciences Building (B85) opened to University use at the end of September, 26 months after construction commenced. Its stunning façade, together with a newly landscaped pedestrian approach, creates a striking vista when viewed from Library Square. The interior of the building is equally impressive and University staff and students can access facilities on Level 2 between the hours of 08:00 and 18:00 (Monday to Friday), including a Lattes café, four CLS seminar rooms, and a break-out area with tables and chairs. This area has WiFi access to the University network, together with 18 networked workstations.

Level 2 is the level at which you enter the building via one of two entrances. Access to Level 3 and above is controlled and currently limited to occupants of the building and their visitors.

The student entrance to the building, located opposite the EEE building (B32), links directly to the EEE lecture theatre. On entering the Life Sciences building via this entrance you will find a Lattes café on the right hand side (open from 08:00 until 17:00); to the left a break-out area with tables and chairs together with four CLS seminar rooms. Both the café and the breakout space have WiFi access to the University network, and there are two banks of workstations (18 in total) at either end of the breakout space which are available for staff and students to use.