Finance Circular 01/03

Purchase Ledger – Authorisation of Invoices

A recent audit report of Creditor payments has highlighted several areas of concern in the authorisation of invoices. Their sample tests revealed that:-

An invoice had been passed for payment for an amount in excess of the delgated authority of the individual. Could I remind all staff who are designated as an authorised signatory for their department to ensure that the amount of the invoice falls within their limits in accordance with Financial Regulations (section 15.8).

A travel claim form had been authorised for payment by an individual who was not listed on the department’s authorisation sheet held within my office. Would personnel please ensure when signing invoices for payment that they are included on their department’s authorised signatory list.

The Head of Department should notify any additions/deletions to their authorised signatory list in writing to the undersigned as and when they occur.

The Financial Regulations and Standing Orders can be found on the Finance department Web page -

Marlene Ryman

Head of Expenditure