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Salary and Pay

Where can I find the Payroll and HR pay timetables?

Where can I find the current pay scales?

Please follow the links for the current pay scales.

What happens if I have to attend Jury Service?

Prior to Jury Service:

Any employee called for Jury Service must forward  their Loss of Earnings form (received with the Jury Service Summons) to the Payroll team for completion prior to beginning Jury Service. The Payroll team will complete the form and return it to the employee.

After Jury Service:

After completion of Jury Service, the Court will pay the employee for travel, subsistence and Loss of Earnings and it will provide a remittance advice to confirm the payment. This  remittance advice MUST be forwarded to the Payroll team, room 3083, Building 37, Highfield, as soon as possible after an employee returns to work.

The Payroll team will then make the appropriate adjustments to the employee's pay.

Any employee with an enquiry regarding Jury Service should contact the Summoning Officer at the relevant Court or alternatively visit the website on HMCourtsService .

What are the employers’ on-costs?

Employer's On–Costs from April 2015

National Insurance from April 2015
Monthly Earnings         Contracted In          Contracted Out
£0 - £663                      0                                 0
£481 - £663 0               -3.4%
£663 - £3,337                13.8%                        10.4%
Over £3,337 13.8%        13.8%                        13.8%
Pension                     Employer
Scheme                     Contribution
USS                                 16%
NHSS                               14.3%
PASNAS                           17.25%
Hants CC - WSA               15.6%
Hants CC - New College    15.6%
TPS - WSA                       16.4% - from September 2015
TPS - New College            16.4% - from September 2015

MRC                                14.9%

NEST                               3%

How do I access my payslip?

You can access your payslips online by logging into the HR dashboard on Sussed.

HRDashboard, please click to follow the link.

What is on my payslip?

Follow the link below for an explanation of your Payslip.

Understanding Your Pay Slip

HMRC Starter Checklist

New staff who do not have a P45 form from a previous employment should complete HMRC's start checklist. The completed form should be forwarded to the Payroll team, room 3083, Building 37, Highfield.

Please find the document attached.

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