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there are over 2,000 research students at Southampton

The Researcher Development & Graduate Centre (RDGC) has been established to enhance the University's central provision for postgraduate researchers. Working alongside the academic disciplines, the Centre fosters best practice in researcher development and delivers a range of skills training and personal development opportunities to meet the needs of researchers from across the disciplines.

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Find out what's going on for postgraduate researchers across campus, including news of RDGC activities and events.

Postgraduate research at Southampton

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Southampton is a world-class research University with a reputation for cutting edge research and innovation. Postgraduate students form an integral part of our research community and make an important contribution by participating in joint research activity and adding intellectual vitality. As a postgraduate researcher at Southampton, you will be supported to play your part fully in this community, within a culture that facilitates personal and intellectual growth based on mutual respect; and in which individual rights, responsibilities and diverse needs are promoted.

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Use our training pages (face to face and on-line) to browse through the range of courses and activities on offer - choose the best training for you - then log on to Gradbook (our on-line booking system) to sign up for courses.