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Professional Modules

We offer a range of individual modules to support continuing professional development for qualified health professionals. For module dates and fees please see the PDF documents below.

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A Foundation for Respiratory Care of the NewbornHLTH6157
Adult Echocardiography 1HLTH6185
Advanced Complex Care in Older PeopleHLTH6163
Advanced Critical Care PracticeHLTH6182
Advanced Neonatal StudiesHLTH6109
Advancing Practice in Critical CareHLTH6086
Amputation Rehabilitation and Prosthetic UseHLTH6160
Applied Qualitative Research MethodsHLTH6110
Applied Quantitative Research MethodsHLTH6111
Assessment and Examination of the NewbornHLTH6113
Assessment and Learning in Practice SettingsHLTH6134
Assessment and Learning in Practice SettingsNQCG3135
Assessment and Learning in Practice SettingsNQCG3136
Cardiac Rhythm Management 1HLTH6184
Care of People with CancerNQCG3124
Clinical Research in PracticeHLTH6114
Collaborative Working for Community CapacityHLTH6054
Collaborative Working for Community CapacityNQCG3106
Community Children's NursingHLTH6149
Community Nursing in the Home (District Nursing)HLTH6150
Complexities in Care in Forensic Child and Adolescent Mental HealthHLTH6088
Contemporary Advances in CardiologyHLTH6078
Contemporary Issues in Midwifery PracticeHLTH6089
Contemporary issues in Limb LossHLTH6180
Decision Making (The Essence of Decision Making)HLTH6079
Decision Making for Advanced Clinical PracticeHLTH6115
Decision Making for Advancing Practice Knowledge in HealthcareHLTH6170
Designing and Conducting Clinical ResearchHLTH6177
Designing, Implementing & Communicating ResearchHLTH8011
Developing Research SkillsHLTH6116
Developments in CardiologyNQCG3126
Diagnostic Assessment and Decision MakingHLTH6074
Diagnostic assessment and decision making (advanced critical care practitioner)HLTH6181
Dissertation (MSc)HLTH6059
E-Research MethodsHLTH6042
Enhancing Practice Through Critical Appraisal and ReflectionNQCG3116
Foundations in History Taking and Physical AssessmentNQCG3127
Foundations in Intensive CareHLTH6117
Foundations of High Dependancy Care (Adult)NQCG3120
Fundamental Science in Major TraumaHLTH6173
Fundamentals of Complex Care in Older PeopleHLTH6162
Governance in ActionHLTH6118
Health Promotion, Motivational Interviewing and Health Behaviour ChangeHLTH6080
Health Sciences for HealthcareNQCG2033
Health Sciences for Healthcare ProfessionalsNQCG3142
Healthcare InformaticsHLTH6104
Human Factors and Decision Making in Major Trauma CareHLTH6175
Independent and Supplementary Prescribing Part 1 - Applied Pharmacology and Medicines ManagementNQCG3111
Independent and Supplementary Prescribing Part 2: Prescribing in PracticeHLTH6108
Independent and Supplementary Prescribing Part 2: Prescribing in PracticeNQCG3110
Independent and Supplementary Prescribing Part 2: Prescribing in Practice - NEONATALHLTH6138
Intensive CareNQCG3128
Introduction to High Dependency and Intensive Care of the NeonateNQCG3137
Introduction to the Management of Diabetes in Primary and Secondary CareNQCG3122
Leadership and Management of Innovation and ChangeNQCG3133
Leadership in Health and Social CareNQCG3114
Leading Innovative Services for Quality Improvement - Health Outcomes/ExperienceHLTH8009
Leading OthersHLTH6075
Leading Policy and Service Design in Cancer, Palliative and End of Life CareHLTH6178
Leading Service Development for Quality ImprovementHLTH6119
Learning and Teaching in Health and Social CareHLTH6139
Learning and Teaching in Health and Social Care - Practice TeachersHLTH6140
Low Intensity CBT Interventions for Patients with Common Mental Health ProblemsHLTH6087
Major Trauma PracticumHLTH6174
Major Trauma Systems: Evidence Base and DeliveryHLTH6176
Major Trauma in the Older PersonHLTH6171
Management of Adult Diabetes in Primary and Secondary CareHLTH6092
Motivational Interviewing in the Service of Health PromotionNQCG3134
Neonatal HaemodynamicsHLTH6169
Neonatal Nutrition (Online) HLTH6155
Neurology of the NewbornHLTH6156
Open Learning - 10 ECTSHLTH6132
Open Learning - 20 ECTSHLTH6133
Paediatric TraumaHLTH6172
Palliative and End of Life Care for People with Life Threatening IllnessNQCG3130
People, Politics, Practice: Contextualising Health Care ResearchHLTH6095
Pharmacology and Applied Clinical Science for Prescribing and Advanced Medicines ManagementHLTH6120
Pharmacology and Applied Clinical Sciences (Neonatal)HLTH6137
Policy and Service Design in Cancer, Palliative and End of Life CareHLTH6039
Principles of Coaching: Improving Workforce PerformanceHLTH6105
Principles of High Dependency Care (Adult)HLTH6077
Principles of History taking and Physical AssessmentHLTH6121
Professional Studies: Clinical Effectiveness and Evidence Based Practice Supplementary Module NQCG3138
Psychosocial Relationships in Health and Social CareHLTH6061
Recognising and Prioritising Care of the Deteriorating Adult PatientHLTH6098
Recognising and Prioritising Care of the Deteriorating ChildHLTH6083
Recognising the Deteriorating Adult PatientNQCG3117
Recognising the Deteriorating ChildNQCG3118
Relational TherapyHLTH6122
Research Methods for Evidence Based PracticeHLTH6107
Research Methods for Evidence Based Practice (Online)HLTH6153
Return to Nursing and Midwifery Practice ProgrammeNQCG 2032/3112/3113
Self LeadershipHLTH6076
Social Policy for Health and Well BeingHLTH6056
Specialist Practice in Cancer, Palliative and End of Life CareHLTH6179
Strategic ManagementHLTH6125
Supporting People with Dementia and their FamiliesHLTH6165
Transition to Advanced Practice (Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Neonatal Practitioner Pathways)HLTH6127
Transition to Advanced Practice (Advanced Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practitioner Pathways)HLTH6152
Transition to Advanced Practice (District Nursing/Community Childrens Nursing Pathways)HLTH6151
Transition to Advanced Practice (Standard, Children & Young People, Critical Care and Midwifery Pathways)HLTH6128
Work Based Learning - 20 CreditsNQCG3123
Work Based Learning - 20 CreditsHLTH6129
Work Based Learning - 40 CreditsNQCG3132
Work Based Learning - 40 CreditsHLTH6130
Work-based Training Adult Echocardiography 1HLTH6186
Work-based Training Cardiac Rhythm Management 1HLTH6187

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