Credit bearing language modules

You can take a language at one of seven language stages, from absolute beginners to near-native speaker level in a range of languages. From stage 2 onwards, each stage is designed to help you revise and build on previous knowledge.

The stages are mapped onto a number of national qualifications as well as the Common European Framework which is recognised as a reference point around the world. You will need to do both A and B modules (that is, 2 modules) to complete a language stage.

For an overview of the language stages please click on Overview of Language Stages on the right hand side of this page. A brief summary is also given below.

If you are not a Modern Languages student you are strongly advised to come and discuss your module choices with staff in Modern Languages although you may find the FAQs on the right hand side of this page helpful.

Note: Please consult with your home department as to any regulations concerning module options.

Find out more about each of the stages below.